Why Kid Coders?

Nigeria, a highly populated country, containing over 170 million citizens. A country with constantly increasing demand for gadgets and technological devices but seldom creators of any.


The various technologies we use in our daily lives in solving our daily problems, the tools we have begun to rely on so much were created by people, by inventors, scientist, visionaries, who saw opportunities in the everyday problems they encounter.


Analyzing this issue, the “catch ’em young” solution seem to be more applicable, bringing awareness to kids would help them explore their creativity.


The best time to nurture innovators is to start when they are young. The formative years of child is one of the most crucial part of any human being.


We need to start grooming our kid for the future. A future that would be powered by Creativity, Innovations, Lines of Codes, Artificial intelligence, Data centers, and various technologies that exposes mankind to new possibilities.


These Kids are born into Tech, Hence, they cant be underrated in any form, their imagination of what they can make Tech do cannot be over emphasized, they get interested in new things and tend to want to try out their imaginations. Technology is truly a super tool for reinventing the wheels.


I am of the opinion that one good way to prepare our kid for this future is to teach them how to code. How to program with a computer. How to build their dreams.

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