Providing Financial security

Amidst growing unemployment, It is surprising to note that technology companies all over the world are complaining of the short supply of developers needed to meet the growing demand. People with some form of coding skills are currently in high demand and are among the highest paid professionals with many of them earning more than their counter parts in Medicine, oil and gas.


As a coder you can create a product that can spin thousands, millions or even billions of dollars with little or no supervision. Irrespective of your background, education or region, your kid can write a code that would not only change the world but set him/her financially stable for life.


These code take a life of their own, living in servers across the globe solving problems and in turn feeding his/her account fat 24/7.


There is so much a young child has to benefit from having coding skills very early in life. .. the question is how to get them started.

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