KidCoders is an initiative of Flexisaf EduSoft Ltd., A Tech driven company with lots of problem solving personnels, With focus on improving Educational Systems in the country and abroad.


As one of its products, Flexisaf Edusoft just like DIGITEST, AUDAX, IDEANG, Co Creation Hub, W.TEC girls technology camp,… has launched a summer program named Kid Coders where kids would be taught the basics on computer programming / coding and would also improve their technological and social skills.


Unlike other learning environment where kids find themselves been taught but don’t understand, we aim to solve this problem by making the Summer program a lot better.

Kids would interact openly with other participants, share ideas, work on projects and guide each other through a lot in the Program.


We aim at bringing out the very best from our participants with the use of available platforms and provided resources such as’s Hour of Code, MIT’s Scratch, Python programming Language for Kids, App Inventor and a whole bunch of others. Fun, Games and Refreshments wont be excluded because we know its roles in a child’s life.


Giving Kids the power to apply learnt skills, ideas and creativity is something we’ll always encourage and fully support, its high time our kids start learning how to build technology instead of continuous consumption of it. The future is here!


Imagine a future where our kids are more focused on how to build games instead waiting for the release of the next game title. Imagine a future Where instead of worrying about how to get the latest Iphone they instead roll up sleeves building their next generation mobile phone. Imagine a future in Nigeria where Kids become Innovators, Coders…

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