Improving their Chances of Success

In a technology dependent world, moving very fast, with major advances happening from medicine to engineering, all powered by the giant leaps mankind is making, via creating technology that enables them innovate at the speed of light.


The challenge is the conventional institutions for learning e.g. our Primary, Secondary and Universities are still playing catch up with these changes in regards to their curriculum. Meaning by the time our kids are out of the university most of them would not be very useful in the real world. Most of them would simply be unemployable … And would thus need some time to catch up.


But arming your kid with a high end skill such as coding the story would indeed be different … their employability rises and the possibility of them becoming successful entrepreneurs heightens … because even before graduating they have broken away from the limits of the curriculum and transformed themselves into problems solving machines, on their own … something the real world needs, not a bunch of university graduates or certificate owners, but rather real innovators, problem solvers, people that sees problems as opportunities…


Coding changes the world view of a child in his/her life … it exposes them to a world of possibilities where they see themselves as inventors, who create intelligent systems that serve humanity. A kid that has been introduced into coding at an early age would not have much problem deciding on a career choice, he’ll rather spend such time thinking of solution to problems…


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